Rudy Bresie Award

The Rudy Bresie Award is the highest honor the Great Texas Balloon Race bestows on our volunteers and GTBR family. Rudy Bresie was a Longview architect who gave of his time and effort with all his heart for the Great Texas Balloon Race. He was Dr. Bill Bussey's crew chief for years and contributed countless hours and beads of sweat making our event the success it is. He was a tireless volunteer with a true heart for helping others.

Rudy died of a heart attack in 1992. Dr. Bussey wanted to honor his memory and presented the Board of Directors with the idea of honoring the greatest of our volunteers with an award named after Rudy. The idea was immediately accepted and the Rudy Bresie Award was established in 1993. Recipients of this award must  exhibit a deep love and long standing passion for the Great Texas Balloon Race. They must receive no financial reward of any kind for his or her efforts. They must work tirelessly for the long term success of the event with the idea that the race will be successful years after they are gone. This is a fabulous honor.

We are delighted to acknowlege winners of the Rudy Bresie Award.

2022 - Gai Bennett and Jeannie Collins
2021 - Sherry Rand
2019 - Chris Farr                                                                               
2018 - Rhonda Bullard
2017 - Dan Droege
2016 - Michelle and Phillip Ford
2015 - Gary Heavin
2014 - Frankie Parson-Riggins
2013 - Les Rickett
2012 - Jim Birk
2011 - Deborah Parrott
2010 - Jo Lee
2009 - Larry Aldridge
2008 - Richard Fuhrman
2006 - Tammy Skinner
2005 - Jan Maynard
2004 - Robert McCown
2003 - Ernie Stith
2002 - Bill Bussey
2001 - Jo Lee
2000 - Barbara Smith
1999 - Elaine Reynolds
1998 - Larry Aldridge
1997 - Elaine Reynolds
1996 - Salle Larson
1995 - Bill Stoudt
1994 - Cindy Terry
1993 - Archie Tehan